Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My gorgeous girlfriend, Truelove

Some fourteen months ago I was contacted on the website by a gorgeous transvestite called Truelove.  Over many months, we have become very close friends.  She is strikingly beautiful and works as a model.  She divides her time between London and Nice.  

Like me, she enjoys the finer things in life, such as French pink lace, designer purple bedroom slippers made from ostrich feathers, expensive Belgian hand-made periwinkle truffles, Heidi Klum jewellery, Boux lingerie, private islands retreats and random sex late at night with strangers on Hampstead Heath.  You can check out her antics on the Squirt website where she goes under the profile True2Love (

Here are some pictures that she has allowed me to publish.

 Taken from season 2, Britain's next top model - HFS

An artist's impression of TrueLove

And here is what Truelove had to say about myself:

"You are truly a philanthropist of words.

You can quote this in your blog as words from supermodel/socialite/sister TrueLove (it will give you huge kudos amongst the fashionistas): Fanny Love is the very definition of class and sophistication and is constantly the pinnacle for the changing fashion industry.  She is the muse for many high profile designers. If people want to know what is next season's fashion, you just have to check out Fanny Love. She is always a head of the game."

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