Sunday, 14 April 2013

A new hat

Do you like my new hat?  I designed it myself!   I'm wearing it to a soirée in London's posh Kennington - whoops, I mean Kensington. Anyone who's anyone in the glamour world should be in attendance.  Donning this daring, never-before-seen design, I'll be the talk of the town.
I commissioned and designed this hat entirely myself.  It's actually more of a skullcap, as it fits tightly against the head.  It's my life's work, having taken almost 8 years from inception through to conception. I struck a deal with an Alaskan fishing company who will provide me a monthly shipment of dried puffer-fish.  

Watch out for my TV ad campaign, titled "Fanny Love says Hug a Pufferfish".   All the catwalk models will be wearing the Pufferfish Hat in 6 months time!  I'll be wearing it at numerous future events, such as Royal Ascot and Wimbledon.

Not stopping at hats, I'm going to be launching my own new fashion label: the news has spread like wildfire and caused discombobulation among the glamour world of Milanese fashionistas.  Move over Versace, Ugg, Jimmy Choo, George and Primark, Fanny J.E. Love is taking the market by storm with her high-end Pufferfish hats and outfits.