Friday, 10 February 2012

Pink Leather Trousers

After a 2 month wait, the post-lady delivered a package yesterday bearing the postmark Singapore; externally, it looked like it had been savaged by wild dogs (such are the failings of the Royal Mail postal service).  Inside, I found a pair of pink leather trousers, in perfect condition, specially made by a designer friend.

These are a gift for my favourite member of staff, my chauffeur, also my fuck-slut, Juan.  I have, in the past, eaten caviar from his well-defined ribs.  He is Brazilian, speaks very little English, and very loyal.  I have asked him to wear the pink leather trousers and a white tuxedo when he drives me around the country.


  1. Oh wow those are very beautiful .Your excitement is clearly justified! I want to tell youtrue religion shorts is my favorite and hope you can come in and see.

  2. Thank you, Rudy, for your comment. I do so love the black cut-off denim jeans featured on your website. I would like to buy every pair that you own and will wear the shorts to show off my "Marilyn Monroe" legs to the good people of Wiltshire.

  3. I have similar pink leather trousers but I'm certain I won't look as good as Juan in them.

  4. Darling Fanny,

    How kind if you to have provided us with a link which transported us here to your hunk of a butler, Juan. Now, if only you had loaned him to us for a little while in our hours of need we are totally certain that our recovery times would have been slashed. And, such a pity that we travelled to South America without him.......and without you, of course, a further sadness!

    You have been so kind to keep in touch and send such wonderful messages to us. We have made reply on our latest post. We really must make 2015 the year when we meet up in the real world. It would, without doubt, be such enormous fun. Please send an is on our blog profile.......let us see what is possible. Needless to say that if Eastern Europe holds an allure for you then we should entertain you and Juan most royally!

    Whatever, we wish you every happiness in 2015. May peace, joy and success be showered upon you. A bouquet of virtual flowers is sent with our love, J and L xx