Saturday, 18 February 2012

Preparing for an evening out

I am still recovering from the South African Airways flight (it may take many weeks and even a series of cognitive behaviour therapy), but I have been asked to attend a local, traditional pub in Great Bedwyn tonight, to give a poetry reading.

I haven't been able to decide what to wear. 

This is a very rural part of Wiltshire and I do not believe the locals are much accustomed to liberated, urban ways.  I don't think they know much about me, or what I get up to at Fanny Towers.

Given the reading is likely to be attended by several members of the clergy, some farming families, a founder of the East Wilts Christian Movement, and the local MP, I thought I would dress-down for the occasion to avoid upsetting their delicate sensibilities. 

Here's what I will be wearing:

and I managed to pick up this gorgeous range of lipstick in Cape Town:

I do hope the evening will go well.  It was requested that I chose the subject of poetry to be read, a sort of free association.  "Just read us your best, most accomplished works".

It is true that poetry about the subtle nuances of the Wiltshire countryside would be appropriate, but I thought "what the hell!" and opted for some of my darker works, on cottaging and sado-masochism.

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