Sunday, 12 February 2012

Wedding Dress On Fire

People are always asking about this extraordinary photograph: a  photographer took this of me wearing a 1930s wedding dress that was set on fire. 

I can only say we used a special mix of petrol and several high-powered fire extinguishers.  We had lots of specially-trained staff, experts in fire and special effects.  The stunt should not be attempted by anyone reading this, not even in the pursuit of attention-seeking.  Although, I have to admit that anyone walking down Tooting High Road in a wedding dress on fire would attract a certain type of attention.

The philosophy behind such a shot was to capture anger, beauty and destruction.  The destruction of a wedding dress is sacrilegious. 

To be in a barren desert, in an antique wedding dress (itself a symbol of luxury, feminity, culturalism) whilst on fire, with head raised, seemingly oblivious to the danger, was a beautiful moment.

I would willingly perish for my art.  Move over, Gaga.

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