Sunday, 19 May 2013

Isn't Art a joy?

As you know, Fanny is stimulated - titilated even - by high art.  My artistic sensibilities range from Picasso to the Tate Modern, from Gaudi to the lewd messages written on toilet walls (sometimes I even take a pen in with me when visiting those dripping, subterranean lavatories).  I've been an avid collector of objet d'art for many years, a compulsive viewer of the TV show Antiques Roadshow (I love all those brown country jackets and waxed moustaches of the presenters), and a loyal reader of Country Life's dogging and cottaging supplement, particularly their recent analysis of sado-masochistic tendencies during Van Gogh's rose period. 

What Fanny doesn't know about fine art, isn't worth knowing!  And I produce my own bespoke and highly sought after art, too!

Imagine my delight when I was asked to prepare a showcase of Art for the Brill and Highchurch May Bank Holiday Village Celebration.  My nipples were instantly erect! 

I've generously donated the following piece of art, entitled "Two Villagers Meet in The Grocers, A Typical Scene from the Village of Brill".  It is one of my own pieces of work, finished only recently, and I expect it to be a celebrated artwork.  I can already hear the heart-felt accolades from village dignitaries when it is unveiled before the assembled flock.  Rather than auction it at Sotheby's for millions, I thought the village deserved it better.  Pass the Pimm's, dear.

Two Villagers Meet in the Grocers - An Everyday Scene from the Village of Brill - Fine Art by Fanny Love