Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nothing like a slice of cake

Mmmhhh... how delightful... to survive this summer heat, Fanny is sitting down to a lovely slice of asparagus cake.  It really is one of my favourites and I serve it to all and sundry who visit me.  It goes well with vinegar tea and Bovril scones!  So English.


  1. The cake looks delicious Fanny. It's my food of choice when flirting with the waiters on board a cruise ship (those boys have been at sea for a long time!) pick up the end of the stalk, dip the end of it in hollandaise and slowly smear it around your mouth in a seductive manner all the time staring at them as you're doing this, then slowly suck on it giving them a suggestive wink, and if you see some twitching in the trouser department, you know you're in there!

    1. My word, Mitzi, I had never thought of that. It sounds such a tease. There is an art to flirting with food. I wonder how a lady can seduce a man with a Yorkshire pudding?