Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A dirty trick with oil

Fanny recently had the pleasure of moving to her summer house, a rather large, detached period property deep in the Buckinghamshire countryside, yet only 30 miles from London.

However, one of my serving staff, a scullery maid, was thrown from an upstairs window after playing a very dirty trick on me involving a bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

Yes, that's right, dear Reader, the malicious and contemptible act of placing a large bottle of oil on the very top shelf of a cupboard, high up, with the top missing.   A sprung trap.

It struck me on the head and covered my hair and face with its sticky contents.  I've had to employ a coiffeurist who has stream-cleaned my hair over 300 times to remove the oil, and the dress I was wearing - antique Victorian lace - was completely ruined.

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