Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Unveiled: new artwork by Fanny Love

Critically-acclaimed transvestite artist, Fanny Love, has unveiled her stunning new masterpiece - entitled "Lesbo-hippo-pot-o-saurus" - at the Zate Modern in Scunthorpe.

"Even though it's a third-world part of the country, I'm delighted my new picture is being hung for all to see at the Zate Modern in Scunthorpe" explains Fanny, "For me, my latest artwork relates to the difficult subject of body image and particularly, the need for compulsory liposuction, something Fanny has been campaigning for.   

I tried to create a sensitive piece of work, something which was enormously difficult when dealing with potentially upsetting subject matter, such as when one has grown so morbidly obese one is the same size as a small house".

Where did Fanny get her inspiration for such an unusual piece of work?

"Since arriving on these grit-grey shores, I've studied people, in exquisite detail, and probed the dark underbelly to produce artwork that is original.  My inspiration truly came after a 90-second visit to the town of Scunthorpe, a town whose streets groaned under the impossible weight of resident fatties.

  Apparently the locals refer to the town as "scunny".  
Personally, I would just drop the "s" of "Scunthorpe" and call the place "Cunt-thorpe"

Driving into the town, the place looked so horrendous that I only spent 90 seconds there, during which I just had enough time to wind down the window, throw a chicken drumstick at a very fat woman and demand to know the direction back to the motorway.

Several auction-houses of London have taken a keen interest in my work.  Apparently an Arab sheik wants to buy the whole collection - well, those A-rabs do like their women big!". 

Lesbo-hippo-pot-o-saurus is on display at the Zate Modern in Scunthorpe until 1 October 2013.


  1. I misread that as git-grey shores, and somehow it made sense.
    I imagine the Arab sheik has many large walls.

    1. Hi Ms Scarlet,

      That's not the only large thing the Arab sheik has....

      Fanny x

  2. What do you call a group of lesbians?

  3. After viewing Ostrowec SW. Luneburg and Clamart on Google image, I've come to the conclusion that Scunthorpe is not twinned with any of those ghastly places at all, it's on a suicide pact with them.