Sunday, 31 May 2015

Basil's new apron

Hello, good evening and welcome back.

My maid-of-no-work, Basil, has incensed me even further by appearing at a charity function wearing her new white apron.

Here she is.  Doesn't she look the clown?   I have already written to my local MP to ask that they reinstate the 1845 Lunacy Act and County Asylums Act, permitting electroconvulsive therapy and lobotomy.  They can use my maid as a guinea pig!   Once you realise your maid's role is court jester, you accept it... with a caveat... and that caveat is to use a cat o'nine tails to discipline the wench.


  1. Well, goodness!!!! First off welcome back darling!!!! I was ready to send my private dick to try to locate you! I thought to myself ,dear Fanny must have been kidnapped!!!! But then thought you may be off with some Brazilian who melts in your mouth. Who would want an interruption then?!? Second, I agree with you about Basil, something must be done dear Fanny, before she runs amuck. And we can only wonder what she does with that feather duster!!! Cat o nines??? I find when I use them on my houseboys, they only laugh and say harder!!!! They seem to enjoy them? The only way they behave is if I make them wear clothing. But then, Im unhappy. The problems we society matrons face..........

  2. Be grateful it say poop and not shit. I had to punish my maid of all work Carmen last week for insubordination, I used The Pear Of Anguish when I told her what I was going to do with it, she couldn't get her knickers down quick enough! You need a cattle prod Fanny, a short sharp blast of 10k volts will make her think on and look sharp.

  3. A nice strait-jacket should sort her out.