Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Something different

Do you like my new bikini?  Yes, it's very different.  An Italian designer created it for me.  Two plastic bags full of goldfish.  They've got names too: Jasper, John, and Judas in the left breast-pouch.  And Rachel, Melissa and Yvonne in the right breast-pouch.  Admittedly, it's a little bit different to the usual 'boob-tube' I'm seen wearing by the paparazzi.  

Time to hit the beach.


  1. Well, that really does give a whole new meaning to fun bags. And let us pray when one of the hot south American men fondle your pups, you don't spring a leak.

  2. Fanny you have broken my dream. Last night I dreamt Kathy Staff was wearing something similar in Last Of The Summer Wine, she was sat in Ivy's cafe with Cleggy's member under her left armpit and Compo's under her right and then she began shuffling a pack of cards. Isn't it strange the things we dream?

    1. Oh my Mitzi, what a terrible drream. I cannot think of anything more horrifying than Cleggy's member. Was it wearing a flat-cap? Eh by gum...

      I am mailing you your very own plastic-goldfish-bag bikini. I hope you will wear it next time you go to Bridlington with Carmen xx

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