Sunday, 16 September 2012

What Fanny wore at London Fashion Week


"Faded, controversy queens Lady Gaga and Grace Jones might think they made an impression at London Fashion Week with their über-weird dresses and look-at-me attitude, but the name on everyone's lips was that of avante-garde beauty queen, Fanny Love, who arrived on stage hidden inside a gigantic, floating glitterball."

This is how a certain newspaper reported my entrance to London Fashion Week.  Serenaded by trumpeting and an orchestra, a door in the glitterball opened and I descended onto the stage, engulfed by the flash of the papparazzi and the cheer of the crowd, as my new single, "Hampstead Love" was played at deafening volume. 

Here are some photographs of what I chose to wear


My outfit consisted of sexy red leather cow-girl backless chaps and these shoes made from Sicilian goat feet with a gold replica James Bond pistol fashioned as the heel:

Successfully outdoing Lady Gaga in the hat department, this was my choice:

I went on to stage with my gold, personalised chainsaw held high in the air.  

I will shortly be releasing photographs of the evening, not before they've been released to the media and seen on every newsstand around the world!


  1. Do you have a site where the goat-foot shoes are?? I'm VERY interested!!!
    Tony Max Nance -