Sunday, 30 September 2012

My favourite things in the Big Apple

I arrived in a city I love today - New York.  I'm staying at one of the trendiest design hotels, the Mondrian in SoHo.   The above picture shows their garden room, an enchanted eatery with icy chandeliers and blue trees, inspired by Jean Cocteau's La Belle et La Bête

The last time I was in New York, I was photographed and put on the front of Vogue magazine:

I always somehow bump into the very sexy Naked Cowboy when I'm in town.  For me, he's a New York institution and no trip is complete without chatting to him.  Robert John Burck, better known as the Naked Cowboy, is a street performer whose pitch is on New York City's Times Square. He wears only cowboy boots, a hat, and briefs, with a guitar strategically placed to give the illusion of nudity. 

I also love the boutiques and independent eateries in the Meatpacking District.  This is a historic area which had almost 200 slaughterhouses in the 1900s, but has been gentrified over the years.  Much of the darkly atmospheric Cruising, starring the gorgeous Al Pacino and delving into the 1970s gay leather underworld, was shot here, and the district is still an epi-centre of gay life.  I particularly frequent the area around the Hotel Gansevoort.  

It is at this point that I buy some alternative jewellery, to wear out.  I call these my "conversation pieces" because they inevitably start tongues wagging.

and something to hide behind, a divine creation I usually wear when entering an exclusive restaurant:

 This is my new dress, although some would call it lingerie.  I love to wear this type of garment.  Why should you wear anything more when you're going out to dine, socialise and dance?

This evening, I got to see one of my favourite New York artists singing live, Ryan Star.  He's a hotty and 100% New Yorker.  He's virtually unheard of in the UK or Europe, so I thought it would be a good moment to include some of his music on my blog.

Have a listen to this:

Ryan Star - Breathe

and the haunting, We Might Fall, taken from one of my favourite music albums of all time, the 2006 release of Songs from the Eye of an Elephant.

Ryan Star - We Might Fall


  1. Fanny I am going to New York next week. Where are the best cruising grounds or best places to score huge cock?

    Jack xx

    1. Jean-Paul Butterfeld29 October 2012 at 05:45

      The Rambles in New York's Central Park is the best place for hot sex. You could also try the Meatpacking District - loads of leather bars there.

      Fanny rules in NY! We love her.

  2. Fanny. I know you have been dressing up in a black cape scaring all the guys in Barnes common.

    Please stop it.

  3. It's true Fraud Love often dresses up as the Victorian ghoul "Spring Heeled Jack".

    Lady V

  4. Lady Vagina has been dressing up as an Easter Bunny with 12 foot long ears, and trolling the listings on the chimpanzee-dating site,

  5. My dear friends. It is with deepest regret that I inform you have faded celebrity Fanny Love is no longer with us.

    Fanny, most famous for her almost circus like public fling with Dale Winton was impalted by a 2 foot dildo on Friday 19th. Apparently her last moments in life were full or pain and regret.

    Let us all raise a glass and toast Fannys not so important life.


  6. Fanny - Any truth to these rumours regarding you arranging a minajatwa at Barnes common on Halloween. I've heard the guest list involves the bride of frankenstien, a Victorian ghost named Spring Heeled Jack and the old drunk tramp that wanders around with a torch.

    Various members of squirt have been emailed with details.

    1. "a minajatwa at Barnes Common?"

      It's Ménage à trois, dear. You clearly need to go back to school, Lady Vagina, as your use of the English language attests.