Friday, 20 February 2015

A new pink car

Do you like my new car?   Now that Spring has sprung and the mercury is edging 8°c, I felt it was high time for a new vehicle befitting of sunnier weather.  

It's a Pink Panther.   It's very luxurious inside, done out in finest, pink, clipped, ostrich feathers.

As I'm quite short (5ft 6") I usually wear these when driving it, just so I can reach the pedals.  No, they're not Barbours or Wellington Boots, usually seen worn by the 'country set' in these parts, but they do keep the mud off my pedicure.

I do sometimes walk the two dogs whilst wearing these


  1. I love the car and it's the ideal vehicle to take to those laybys late at night, guests can lie back and enjoy the luxury of Fanny's vintage Pink Panther with nipple pink interior.

    I saw a couple of elderly lesbians today with short back and sides, wearing Craghoppers finest, it made me feel quite bilious.

    1. Thank you, Mitzi. Sounds like you had an incredibly traumatic day. If I'd spotted elderly lesbians with short back and sides, wearing Craghoppers, I would be popping barbiturates like there was no tomorrow (Fanny loves her Valium!). Why do they allow them out in daylight hours? You can blame the Torys for that!