Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Eau de Jalousie (especially for you Lady Vagina)

Over the weekend, I've received some poisonous comments from Lady Vagina, Ambrosia Strangelove etc, all internet personas operated by the same person; as I believe in freedom of speech, I'm allowing the comments to remain on the blog for perpetuity.

I shall now formally respond to these comments.

Dear Lady Vagina ((also known as Ambrosia Strangelove)).  I am launching a new fragrance this week, one of the most eagerly anticipated fragrances to hit the market.  As I think the fragrance would suit your embittered, toxic personality, I am sending you a large consignment in the post.  The fragrance - Eau de Jalousie - is presented in a green bottle of antique French crystal, the scent is an unforgettable fantasia of je ne sais pas quoi.  The parfum was designed with you in mind; it is equal to the sum of all your parts.

Here it is:
Eau de Jalousie parfum, created by Fanny Love.
Contains: Paraquat (weedkiller), Arsenic, Strontium 90, Ammonia, Drain Cleaner, Paint Stripper, Pond water.


  1. Oh ambrosia, now now play nicely.

    Hope to meet you soon at the fuck tree.

    Fanny love is a fraud.

    Lady V

  2. Good one fanny my sweet sister.

    Ignore all the haters. They are only human, they can't help being jealous. You are a goddess.

    True x

  3. I'm with the gorgeous Lady Vagina on this one:

    Fanny Love is a fraud. Her so-called best-selling novel, The Forbidden Texts of Cremorne, only sold a handful of copies; the one I had was promptly tossed on the fire.

    Ambrosia Strangelove

  4. This blogger is mental haha

  5. Yes, my dear Anonymous, I was certified schizophrenic many years ago.

    Fanny x

  6. I knew you were bat shit crazy.

    Lady V