Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Flying to the Isle of Harris

Today, I put on this eclectic, vintage ball-gown and flew in a Cessna across the sea to the Isle of Harris, within the Outer Hebrides.

My first port of call was this wild beach, called Seilebost.  It looks like the Caribbean.  White sand that squeaks when you walk on it.  Wow-factor views of purple mountains.  Pods of dolphins jumping just offshore. 

Do you like the dining room of the hotel I'm staying at?

I've also received more poison spat from the forked tongue of Lady Vagina, this time accusing me of being a charlatan.  Interestingly, she claims to have been a 90s glamour model.  What piffle! 

Sour and pointless, the only claim to fame Lady V has is that the term bridezilla (a British colloquial term for a fat, moody, difficult bride) was coined after she appeared on national TV.   

Here is a recent picture of Lady Vagina, so you can make up your own mind:

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  
No it's yesteryear catwalk model, 
Lady Vagina, sporting a Chantilly lace veil.


  1. I am still in the modelling business.

    I am also a song writer. I've wrote songs for many REAL famous people. Not fakes like you.


    Lady V

    1. I like the fact thjat you've "Wrote songs", your English is appaling, why don't you stick with your native language (Whatever that is)
      Huh Humbug

  2. True love is a cow as well.

  3. Fanny, I love reading your travel stories. You live such a wonderful, decadent life in your vintage outfits, travelling to foreign places, meeting beautiful men and spreading your charm. As for me, I'm stuck here in Dogsthorpe, Peterborough in my mildew-stinking bedsit with a view of the bypass through filthy net curtains, eating Fray Bentos pies straight out of the tin, and listening to Eastern European couples rowing next door, watching the rain lash down, whilst always dreaming about your beauty and your fame. I survive on dole money of £60 per week. Please come and visit Peterborough. You could go cruising in your wedding dress down the Embankment or otherwise, go to Wansford and get fucked by the randy farmers there.

    Ambrosia Strangelove

  4. Dont pander to that cow Ambrosia_shavedcunt. She is beneath you.

    Lady V

  5. Lady Vagina, I am going to Ham Fields near Richmond today (Sunday 2 Sept) for some summer loving. : i'll be parking nr Ham House and be coming with a chubby little asian guy, my little helper. I'm already freshly shaven from the waxing clinic, they did my back too.

    We'll be laying down a pink rubber sheet with some dildos, love eggs, ball crunchers and other sex toys and setting up the video camera, there'll be a gramophone playing some French can-can music to attract poeple in. I will be walking from the car park at Ham House in backless white leather panties, some stilettos I found round the back of Oxfam, faux diamand-framed sunglasses and a peek-a-boo crimson bustiere with real diamonds, we'll go along the River Thames to get to the cruising. We will have an electronic bird-scarer with us, which fires a loud shot into the air, to deter the anorak-types with the binoculars who just want to stare and ogle but not take part. We're only interested in having sex with guys under 45, from 3pm. Will you join us, Lady V?

    Ambrosia Strangelove x

  6. Please will you do an article about TERRI_BTTM , the ugliest transvestite ever to have appeared on She hangs out at the A43 layby, Northamptonshire, a place you claim to love!

  7. Replies to above comments:

    Ambrosia Strangelove - No, I'm not Lady Vagina and no I won't go with you to that place or do any of those things. If you sought psychiatric help instead of posting your bizarre and innane comments on my blog, then the world would be saved.

    Anonymous - What is I understood it was a dating site for chimpanzees. Oh yes, I remember Terri_bttm