Thursday, 6 December 2012

At the Ghetto Hotel

Here is a vintage piece of art, depicting Bournemouth in the 1930s; the town still has that timeless sense of style.  The foyer of Ghetto has this picture on the wall.

Ghetto is an exclusive hotel, with very unique furnishings.  From my bathroom, I can hear the murmur of the sea.  

Here are some pictures.

 This is the Presidential suite.  I love the fabrics and the view.

I love the Paul Smith-inspired carpet; I must ensure no muddy doggy paw-prints!

Here I am in the bedroom, wearing a honey-blonde wig and an Egyptian blue, pure silk cocktail dress

 A selection of designer cocktails awaiting me in my suite.

and designer chocolates, dipped in white and black chocolate.


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    I often go out dogging, the men I meet don't mind my colostomy bag.

    Could I trouble you for an autograph, Fanny?

    Lady Vagina

  2. Dear Lady Vagina,

    If you wish to leave comments on my blog, please register properly and include your picture so my readers know who you are. Owing to the number of anonymous comments you've been posting lately, I no longer accept comments from faceless profiles or posted anonymously.

    Thank you