Friday, 19 December 2014

West wing flooded

Here I am this morning, looking for the TV remote control.  Unfortunately, Basil, my new maid, had left a tap running and flooded the entire West wing.  I had to dive five metres underwater, holding my breathe, just to wind the Ormolu clock on the mantelpiece.

The woman has the brain of a cockroach.  Here she is, hours earlier, standing around singing and waving what appears to be a Lady Gaga toilet brush around in the air, unaware of the calamity she is about to cause.

1 comment:

  1. More of a wet scream than a wet dream. It sounds as though this new maid of yours could do with a little help from an exorcist to rid her of evil spirits, especially the top shelf, behind the bar varieties! I've just bought my mother a new mantle clock for a Christmas present, her old carriage clock she had for over 40 years had packed in. My mother's neighbour, I'm not one for name dropping so lets just call her Anne, she had kindly donated one of her own clocks and had given it to my mother to put on her mantle. She rang me up one morning in great distress saying it's vile, it's made of plastic sprayed to look like gold and it's powered by an AA battery.