Sunday, 4 March 2012


After the horrors of Port Talbot, I was much relieved to arrive some 2 hours later at a tiny Welsh village called Bosherston, in Pembrokeshire.  We had about another 90 minutes to drive to St David's, but thought it would be nice to stop here.

In stark contrast to this morning's escapades, I couldn't find anywhere lovelier than Bosherston.  I walked across several small footbridges that went straight across large lily-ponds to a very remote beach: Barafundle.

Barafundle is only reachable by foot, involving a 1 hour walk.  You come down some steps through the woods.  The beach is soft, pale-yellow sand, with a sparkling ocean, and backed by marram grass, dunes, and woods.  There's not a single house or person anywhere nearby. 

It is a place of rare beauty.

Perhaps this is what the Land of my Fathers were talking about.  It is just such a shame that one must drive through such horrors as Port Talbot to get here.


  1. Loving the blog Fanny. Keep up the good work.

    Can't wait to visit Fanny Towers.

    x o xo

    1. Hello my dearest Truelove,

      It is wonderful of you to visit my blog. You are always welcome at Fanny Towers, I often stage naked pool parties with the cream of Wiltshire talent. Come and stay for a long holiday, there's plenty of room for you.

      Fanny xxx