Saturday, 17 March 2012

My choice of dress for the Spring Fête

The clock struck twelve noon, the orchestra has started and I am about to make my grand entrance.  I can hear downstairs, and outside the window in the grounds, that there are a large number of people at Fanny Towers.  They are all waiting for me, and the papparazzi are there too, eager to see what I am wearing.

I had been flooded with suggestions from designers all over the world on what to wear for the Spring Fête.  This time, I didn't want something confrontational - so no leather, whips or 12" stilettos in front of the Bishop and the church congregation. 

It was a hard decision.  I needed something traditional and evocative of the countryside.

Therefore, I opted for this wonderful outfit from a Dutch designer, Moon Nackelmacker (yes that is her real name).

Photographs of fashion icon Fanny Love wearing this gorgeous dress, complete with rabbit head, will be hitting newsdesks all over the world!


  1. You look gorgeous Fanny! The said designer is a VERY good friend of mine. He has sent me countless samples of frocks that I have worn for celebrity soirees.

    x o x o

  2. This season's fashion must have is the rabbit head. But I'm in a dilemma, where do I buy a rabbit's head from, the butchers or at the pet shop?