Friday, 2 March 2012

Laverbread Lesbians

Perhaps it is an error of judgement, but I am off to St David's, West Wales tomorrow to give my best operatic performance.  I am distinctly on edge about the lesbian contingent, so I shall take my mace and pepper spray, but I am looking forward to the luxury accommodation promised. There is nothing like the red carpet treatment, which I seem to get everywhere I go.  I so love to be showered with gifts.

Meanwhile, I have been doing some desk research on this part of Wales and understand that this is considered a local delicacy:

That, apparently, is laverbread, or gelatinous, Welsh puréed seaweed.   It has been described as 'Welshman's caviar'.

How sophisticated the Welsh are to enjoy eating such black gunge.  No doubt it is collected by laverbread lesbians!


  1. It looks like goose shit.

  2. "Plunge the seaweed into boiling water and cook for about 40 minutes until it starts to break up.
    Drain and wrap in an absorbent tea towel to get rid of the excess water.
    Heat the butter in a pan and add the seaweed and fry for 8-10 minutes.
    Add the orange juice and allow this to heat through.
    Add seasoning and serve with roast lamb."

    It looks like ... well, Mitzi may know better.

  3. Oh come on, has anyone been to Wales? It's frickin terrible

  4. Wales is a land of fatties, who have never seen a day's worth of exercise in their lives.